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Thanks a lot. I received my car in good shape and am so happy :) I will definitely pass your contact...
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> Shipment & RegulationsHow accessible is Mauritius?

Compared to other ports in the region, Port Louis stands out by the numerous advantages it offers, ranging from the competitive tariffs - in many respects unmatchable, organized workforce backed by smooth industrial relations, high security for cargo, excellent communication channels via radio trunking to a personalised customer service. Thus you'll have a peace of mind regarding your vehicle being shipped from Mauritius. Our office is located in the Port Area, thus our dedicated team will make sure that everything is going on smoothly while packing and shipping your vehicle. Photos of packing is available upon request. Normally we sell all our vehicles on FOB (Free on Board) basis, we will thus arrange for your shipment through our logistic and shipping department and quote you for the cheapest route to your destination. We can easily arrange for very fast shipment to most ports in Africa.

> List of Ports | We can easily arrange shipments to these destinations
Country Port
Angola Luanda
Benin Cotunu
Bolivia La Paz (Via Arica)
Botswana Gaborone
Cameroon Douala
Chile Iquique
DRC Congo Beni (Via Mombassa)
Mozambique Maputo
Nigeria Lagos
Peru Ilo
Peru Matarani
Reunion Pointe des Galets
Trinidad & Tobago Port of Spain
Zambia Lusaka (Via Durban)
*If you don't see your Port listed here please email us we will send you details.

> Import Regulations for your Country.

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