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Thanks a lot. I received my car in good shape and am so happy :) I will definitely pass your contact...
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How To Order
> Step 1 |Register youself as a user.
To gain access to our website, you need to obtain a username and a password. From thre you'll be able to see our stocklist with prices and also have the ability to reserve a vehicle that you want to buy. To Register yourself as a user please click here

> Step 2 |Login to your Virtual Office.
After you Register yourself as a user, an email will be sent to you with your login details. Please login using your Username and Password by clicking here.

> Step 3 |Finding your vehicle.
Once you are logged in our website, you will be taken to your virtual office from where you can access your previous transactions as well as your pending transactions. To Reserve a new vehicle please find the 'Stocklist' and click on it.

> Step 4 |Reserving your vehicle.
From there you can access all our available vehicles. If you find any vehicle that you are interested with click on the thumbnail picture and you will be taken to the detailed page of the stock. If you are interested with this vehicle, click on 'Reserve Now'.

> Step 5 |Sending Payment.
The vehicle you reserved will now appear under 'Pending Units' from your Control Panel. We will send you pro-forma invoice within 24hrs. Once you receive it, it will appear under your 'Pending Units' as 'Pro-forma Invoice' download and print the invoice. You will need this to effect the payment within 72hrs as from reserved date.

> Step 6 |Receipt of Payment.
After you effected the payment for your reserved unit please send us the Telegraphic Transfer (TT) copy by fax or email, we will then mark the vehicle as 'Sold'. You will then find other documents in relation to this vehicle under your 'Previously Bought Units'. You may then check your 'Statement of Account' to know the status of your payment.

> Step 7 |Shipment & Documents.
We will arrange the fastest shipment for your vehicle and advice you about the details. Once your vehicle leaves Mauritius we will send you original documents by courier so that you can clear the car at your end.