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Q: How to view prices of cars at Africausedcar.com? 
To register at africausedcar.com site you must click Create Account link which is in the right upper corner of our site. Fill in the form. Provide desired login and password. Pay attention that all the obligatory fields such as email, address, name, password, phone, etc. are provided. Obligatory fields are specially marked. Follow simple and clear notices during registration procedure. Provide valid email address. After registration procedure you will receive an email from us notifying you about the rest of the procedures.


Q: I got my login and password but cannot log in. 
Please make sure that you are typing your login and password exactly as you got it. They are CASE SENSATIVE meaning that you have to type capital letters and small letters the way you entered while registering.


Q: I type login and password correctly, but I still cannot log in. 
Please contact your account executive, there may be some back-office issues.

Q: What if I don't have an email address? 
You can obtain a free email address from either yahoo or hotmail service. 


Q: How fast can you ship my car? 
All depends on how fast we receive your payment. Our cars are already waiting for shipment in the Freeport. Once we confirm your payment we will arrange for packing etc. If conversion is required then add a minimum of 30days before your vehicle will leave Mauritius.


Q: What shipping documents will I receive? 
a) Bill of Lading 
b) Customs Invoice 
c) Japanese De-Registration Certificate (when applicable) 
d) English translation of De-registration Certificate 

If there are any other documents that your authorities need to clear your car from the port please let us know at the time of shipment to avoid delays at your end in clearing your car.


Q: How many cars you can load to 20FT and 40FT container? 
We can ship 1 large vehicle or 2 small vehicles to 20FT container and 4 small vehicles (sports cars) or 3 medium vehicles (one of them can be large) to 40FT container. For example, we can load 3 Mitsubishi Pajero to 40FT container.


Q: How do I find out shipping cost of car to my port? 
To get the exact quote please contact your nearest freight forwarder. It's always cheaper to book from your country and safer to use their service so that if you have any problem they can immediately assist you for clearing your car. We only sell on FOB terms. However please visit 'Shipping' page from the menu so that you know the countries to which we can arrange shipment for you.

Q: What is FOB price? 
FOB is abbreviation of "Free on board". FOB price applies for all cars exported from Mauritius unless you come to our yard to take a car by yourself. FOB price includes FOB export arragements in Mauritius (export and customs documents, documents translation), delivery of car from yards to port and loading onto the ship. FOB price does not include car shipping cost to your port.


Q: Can I pay by check or by credit card? 
Bank transfer (TT) is the only accepted payment method.


Q: What are the terms of payment? 
All purchases must be paid in advance 100%.


Q: I cannot find Pro-Forma invoice. 
After you have reserved a vehicle in our system please allow 24hrs before looking for the pro-forma invoice under your 'Pending Units' As soon as we upload it, you will be able to download the file in PDF version.


Q: How do I know I can trust you and pay you in advance 100%? 
There is our company registration number on our Contact Us page. With this registration number you can confirm both our address and the fact that we are a legally registered and a legitimate company through the BOI (Board of Investment) www.investmauritius.com in Mauritius or through this website www.gov.mu


Q: I have a question. Whom may I ask? 
First of all, read these frequently asked questions. It is possible that this question has been asked many times already and you will find an answer here. If you cannot find an answer for your question you may ask your account executive (the one that normally sends you regular mails) . You may also phone to our office or send fax.


Q: I need some spare parts for the car I purchased from you, how to order? 
We would be glad to assist you on this issue. Kindly send us the exact part you need with the chassis number and part number. We will source it out for you and courier it to your country. Charges apply!


Q: What should I do to place an order? 
First of all you have to register to obtain member's log in and password and after you log in as a member you can order a car. For the details how to order a car please check the page How to Order.


Q: Can you find for me a specific car? 
This is possible as we have access to over 10,000 cars/day. Please ask assistance from your account executive.


Q: Send us your stock list and prices... 
We don't have any cars except those that are in our stock list. But we update it regulary so we recommend you to become our registered member and recieve all our stock list updates.


Q: I plan to come to Mauritius to see your cars before purchasing them. Can you send me invitation letter for getting visa to Mauritius? 
It is very easy for Africans to get visa for Mauritius under SADC and COMESA community. Compared to Japan, the flight here is much cheaper and living cost is very very cheap. You will definitely save much more than buying from Japan.


Q: Can you find for me left hand drive Toyota (Honda, Mazda, etc.) 
Yes we can and for your information we specialize in LHD vehicles.